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Hosting the GSBS in the heart of Paris will create a unique atmosphere.

GSBS 2017 Location Map Paris

The capital of France is well known for the Eiffel Tower, La Seine and Edith Piaf – but it also started to gain recognition for a new wave of social start-ups. Paris offers meanwhile young, aspiring entrepreneurs an attractive platform to jump-start their businesses. Today the capital of France is widespread known as one of the European Meccas of Social Business Entrepreneurship.

GSBS 2017 Location Paris
GSBS 2017 Location Paris
GSBS 2017 Location Paris

The GSBS main event on November 6th - 7th will take place at the International University Campus Paris whereby the closing ceremony on November 7th and several side events are located at Paris City Hall.

Paris City Hall

Paris City Hall is a listed historic monument and the headquarters of the Paris municipality since 1357. The current building, built in the 19th century by the architects Théodore Ballu and Èdouard Deperthes after the original edifice was burnt down during the Paris Commune in 1871, is one of the most majestic examples of the neo-Renaissance style.

Hotel ville Fontana Paris

International University Campus Paris

The International University Campus Paris plays a central role in the policy for accepting international students in the Ile-de-France. The International University Campus in Paris is a private foundation, recognised as being in the public interest since 1925 and closely linked to the Paris universities, which own the buildings. The Campus was established after World War I by André Honnorat, rector at the Sorbonne, in cooperation with Émile Deutsch de la Meurthe (French philanthropist) in order to create a meeting place for students, researchers and intellectuals from all around the world in a spirit of peace, unity and friendly cooperation.

Since its inception, the founders of the International Campus have wanted to contribute to the creation of peace in the world by creating somewhere dedicated to exchanges between people from different nations. Nowadays these are still the core ideals of the Campus and many cultural events carry on the tradition of the founders’ ideals. These events are grouped under the title, “Campus for Peace”.

Each year 12,000 students, researchers and artists live in the 40 residences on the International Campus. The residences are organized mostly by nationality, although residents in each “maison” are not necessarily from the country implied by the naming of the building.

Several structures of the buildings have been designed by architects of note, such as Le Corbusier, Willem Marinus Dudok, Heydar Ghiai and Claude Parent. In France, it is considered as an open air museum of architecture.

Cité universitaire de Paris
17, Boulevard Jourdan, 75014, Paris

International Campus
International Campus